PET'S POINT OF VIEW VIEW -  Animal Communication   Hospice Support  TTouch
"It is our mission to preserve and nurture the sacredness of the human animal bond and help animals and people reach their full potential with each other."
If you are like me, you consider your pets family and are in awe of their capacity for unconditional love and devotion.
Have you sometimes wondered what your animal is trying to communicate to you about her behavior, feelings and thoughts? What does she want you to know about her well being and her spiritual journey? That's when we can facilitate a heart to heart dialogue between you and your companion with your pet's point of view in mind.
Animal communication can bridge the gap, provide profound insights and deepen your understanding and bond with one another. Animal communication is also very helpful when your companion is getting close to the threshold.
Sessions can be done over the phone or in person - with animals who are currently sharing their life with you and those who have crossed over. There is also a monthly animal hospice support group available.
You might look for practical tools to address physical and behavioral issues such as fear, aggression, phobias, timidity or help with recovery from illness in a TTouch ™session or workshop.
In addition we explore what kind of holistic behavior solutions will help you and your pet have a more joyful and relaxed life together.
The TTouch™ method uses specific touches, wraps and leading exercises to reshape behavior skillfully, with kindness and understanding. The nervous system is able to adapt over time and stressful responses can be reduced.
Tellington TTouch™ can positively influence behavior, instill self confidence, enhance sensory integration and improve the quality of your animal's life. 
You can incorporate these techniques into your day to day life. It is powerful and yet very simple: creating balance in the body increases emotional and mental balance - allowing behavior to change from the inside out.
 "Until one has loved an animal, a part of their soul remains unawakened."  Anatole France
 phone consults - workshops - classes - house calls
  • Animal Communication Sessions, Workshops
  • Spirit Animal Communication Sessions with animals who have left their body 
  • Crossing the Threshold -Hospice Support for you and your companion 
  • monthly Animal Hospice and Grief SupportGroup 

  • Behavior Consulting for cats and dogs     

  • Tellington TTouch Sessions, Workshops

  • Family Constellation Work (based on Bert Hellinger's method) 
  • Energy Healing 
  • Animal Reiki
  • Flower Essences Custom Blends for fear, anxiety, hostility, confidence building, separation anxiety

  • Pet Sitting
Ute with her  horse friend Litli in Canada
Ute and Leila's first meeting