PET'S POINT OF VIEW VIEW -  Animal Communication



"It is our mission to preserve and nurture the sacredness of the human animal bond and help animals and people reach their full potential with each other."

If you are like me, you consider your pets family and are in awe of their capacity for unconditional love.

For me working with animals is a spiritual and transformative mission. It is about creating deeper interspecies connection and understanding. Many of us have a limited knowledge of who our pets are, based on generic categories that are prevalent in the general culture.

Many of my four legged clients have emotional or behavioral issues, such as fear, shyness and aggression. Others feel simply misunderstood. The goal is to reshape behavior skillfully, with kindness and understanding and allow our pets to collaborate in the process.

I help you expand your skills and viewpoint, and you learn new things along the way. It is possible to make life with our pets more fun, relaxing and harmonious and also address their natural drives and needs.

We aim to positively influence behavior, instill self confidence, enhance sensory integration and improve the quality of your pet's life. 
You can incorporate these techniques easily into your day to day life. 
It is powerful and yet very simple: 
We create balance not by trying to "fix" the animal but by changing behavior from the inside out.

Another area of my expertise is working with animals who are old, frail, sick and close to death. Many animals and their humans need special support and comfort in this process. 

The modalities I employ are healing work, calming therapies such as touch and Reiki, behavior reshaping and coaching. 
This includes positive training, balancing body work, energy work, animal communication, death doula work and natural remedies. 
Each program is custom tailored to the needs of your pets.

Toddy and Ute
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of their soul  remains unawakened."  
 Anatole France