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  • Peaceful Paws Program

Do you live with a pet who is aging, has chronic health issues or displays mystifying behaviors? 
All of our pets are unique and special and need custom tailored solutions to move from stress to ease and from pain to peace. And so do you!

THE PEACEFUL PAWS PROGRAM is a four step process which identifies the underlying issues of your pet's discomfort and behavior. We create solutions for your "Best Dog Ever" and your "Best Cat Ever" from the inside out for you and your furry family members.

  • Peaceful SENIOR Paws Program

Support and guidance for you and your pet during their golden years and at the end of their life. A series of sessions.

"Your ongoing presence during our time of need, challenge
and sadness was vast and epic. Thank you for supporting
us from Monk’s hospitalization and his return home for
what turned out to be hospice, to the eventual assistance
of his death, cremation and beyond. We remained aware and clear for him, for ourselves and for each other as a result of your guidance.
For all of your authentic and generous giving, I am deeply grateful. You provide a loving, knowing and grounded presence. You are love in action." Billy C.

  • Hospice & Bereavement Support

  •  Animal Death Doula Services

  •  Behavior Consulting 
  •   Reiki /Energy Healing 
  •  Reiki I, II, III Attunements

  •  Tellington TTouch  
  •  Animal  Communication 
  •  Systemic Constellation Sessions   



Monthly evening workshops with a variety of topics such as natural remedies, stress reduction, calming body work, senior pet care, nutrition, energy work and much more. 

Every second Thursday of the month in SE Portland 
from 6:30 to 8:30 PM

February 8:
Animal Empaths
Our pets are tuned into our psyche to a much greater extent than many of us realize. Learn about how animals mirror our emotions and physical symptoms and the lessons this can entail for us.

March 8:
TTouch for Behavior and Health
Introduction to the principles of TTouch. Learn and review some of the basic techniques of TTouch and when to use it with your pet.

You can reserve your spot and go to



MARCH 24/25 2018

This class fills up fast. 
Contact Ute for more information.

You can reserve your spot and go to

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Photo Credits: Ute Luppertz, Malcolm Pullen,
SoulSessions by Kristin Zabawa