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       Shiva's Hope House

Shiva's Hope House was established in honor of Ute's dog Shiva to support animals with special needs and at the end of their life. Ute has taken in many elderly or terminally ill animals over the years to help them live out their life with dignity and in peace. 

One of our future goals is to establish a Shiva's Hope House network of families providing homes for terminally ill animals who would be homeless otherwise. We are also working on our non profit status.

There is nothing more profound than birth and death.
At Shiva's Hope House it is our intention to shift not just the personal but also the collective paradigm around the process of death and dying of animals.
We are educating pet owners and pet professionals to "team up" with the animals in their care and to pay close attention to choices that can be made collaboratively between the pet and the care taker.
This means that we expand our perception and pay consciously attention to the signals of our animal companion.

               Sarah's last moments

Currently Shiva's Hope House hosts regular meetings for pet guardians who want to share experiences with each other and deepen their spiritual connection with animals. These meetings include animal hospice guidance, bereavement support and crossing over ceremonies per request. These ceremonies are a very special part of our gatherings.   
Our first monthly hospice support group started in 2012 after the passing of two other beloved dogs of Ute: Jonah and Salila who died within days of each other.
Many pet guardians have changed the perception of the end of life and death of their pet when they join Shiva's Hope House. They connect with other kindred spirits and are discovering a whole new spiritual dimension and beauty during this sacred time.
Ute also offers local and long distance hospice and bereavement support for pet guardians individually.

Please join us if you feel that this work resonates with you.
If you would like to support the mission of Shiva's Hope House, you can donate here. Your donation will help us to continue this important work and create funds for our non profit application.
Thank you!