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       Shiva's Hope House

Shiva's Hope House was established in honor of Ute's dog Shiva to support animals who are very ill and at the end of their life. Ute has taken in many elderly or terminally ill animals over the years to help them live out their life with dignity and in peace. 
Shiva's Hope House has been hosting animal hospice meetings for the last five years as well.

There is nothing more profound than birth and death.
It is our mission to shift the personal and the collective paradigm regarding the process of death and dying of animals.
We educate pet owners and pet professionals to "team up" with the animals in their care and to pay close attention to choices that can be made collaboratively between the pet and the caretakers towards the end of life.

Many pet guardians have changed the perception of the end of life of their pets because of their connection with Shiva's Hope House
They receive mindful, compassionate support, and many discover new dimensions and beauty during this sacred time with their pet. 

We currently offer individual local and long distance end of life and bereavement services. Group meetings happen three times a year.

NEW: Animal Death Doula Training for caretakers and animal professionals.