PET'S POINT OF VIEW VIEW -  Animal Communication


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          "Ute's deep listening and communication with our elderly dogs helped them (and us!) feel much less anxious.She recommended herbal remedies that soothed their pain and discomfort. She listened to them and eased their fears about their aging bodies and death. Through her we learned to understand them much better, and how to help them transition on to their next adventure. We deeply appreciate how Ute was always at the other end of the phone just when we needed her help in communicating with our beloved pets. She made a huge difference in the quality of their last years and our experience of caring for them in their old age."
With gratitude - Mark and Wendy, Seattle

 "We had two dogs, Rufus and Maya. Rufus passed away and we were all devastated. Ute communicated with both dogs and assisted in the healing process to lessen our shock of loss. Her communication with Maya helped us understand what she needed in her grieving process. Ute has a gift that should be shared and treasured by all. We are grateful."
Tony and Cherie Esau, Portland, OR

 "Thank you so much for connecting with my two dogs while I was away. Your communication with them about their feelings and circumstances was totally accurate. Because of your help I was able to reach out and take steps to help them adjust more easily. I am also giving Justice his flower   
essences when I leave for work to help him cope better. Thank you so much for your compassion and honesty in dealing with me and my animals."
Rema Strauss, owned by two boxers, Justice and Zelda, Seattle

"I am always impressed and often surprised by the depth of Ute's understanding of animals. Ute has a unique ability to sense what the pet is experiencing and wants and is able to convey this to their human. Ute's suggestions on how a person might respond and communicate with their pet brings the process full circle."
Malcolm Pullen, Portland, OR

"The TTouch workshop was not only fun, but very effective - it was well presented in a relaxing, easy to learn atmosphere.
The instruction was very personalized to the people and dogs that were there. We were able to ask all sorts of questions - to which Ute had very helpful answers.
I left knowing how to do several things with my dog right away.
At home now, I am using the techniques daily that we learned at the workshop.
My dogs are not only enjoying it, they also responding well to it - that is calmer  and more at ease in the world. Thank you, Ute."
Diane A. - TTouch workshop participant, Portland, OR

"A light bulb went on after my first session with Ute.
Before I saw our dog, Lincoln, as a beloved family pet. Now I get that he is a real being, with real feelings and emotions just like ours.
This sounds silly. Of course, I knew he was real and had feelings, but I never really saw him as the beautiful sentient being that he is.
Ute brought that forth and gently showed me how to see it, too.
She has a gentle, yet powerful way to help connect people with their pets. It's a beautiful thing."
Jill Palamountain, Portland, OR

"What stood out for me in the Workshop was your clarity and simplicity in being able to describe and open up the group to being in such close relationship with our animals! I have attended other workshops where the presenter spends a lot of time convincing people that animals can communicate with us or overcoming  perceived skepticism in the audience. It felt so healing, powerful and refreshing to be able to plunge right in. Very touching, moving and honoring of all spirits - people and animals. Thank you!" 
Kristin W. Portland

 "I feel so blessed to have found the group. Until I met you, I felt there was never anyone in my life who truly understood the depth of my grief as I move closer to the day I wake up without my sweet Shelby Sue by my side. I feel a weight has been lifted." 
Julie O'Toole

" Zoe and I have so much gratitude for all you do. You have a divine gift, and I am so pleased that our paths have crossed. Thank you for bringing more hope, love , joy and peace to the last months of Zoe's life on earth." 
Alixx H.